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Building a Brighter

At Colorful Effects Social Service Agency, LLC, we provide services for the youth, individuals, and families.


Supporting Our Community Through Each Challenge

There’s always a glimmer of hope for our world when we work together and support each other. At Colorful Effects Social Service Agency, LLC, we provide social services for the youth, individuals, and families. We share our resources and organize workshops and events. Browse our website for more details on our projects. We provide free consultations.

About Us

Colorful Effects Social Service Agency, LLC (CESSA) is a remote social service agency that provides holistic services to individuals, families, and communities. We help through ongoing supportive services, education,  linkage of services, resources custom to the individuals need, in addition to self-development workshops, community projects, and general social service consultation/inquiries.

Mission Statement

CESSA LLC provides holistic approaches, resources, ongoing supportive services through linkage and collaboration with other stakeholders. CESSA LLC will help meet immediate needs of clients with enthusiasm and compassion. CESSA LLC aspires to uplift, stabilize and assist in maintaining wellness for clients. CESSA LLC will help anyone with a need judgment free.

Who We Serve

CESSA serves marginalized groups, children and youth, aging population, people with functional impairments, substance abusers, victims of violence, the downtrodden, the forgotten and the homeless, poverty-stricken individuals, families, teams, communities, and organizations.

Our Services
  • Child Care-Youth Programs​-Support
  • Job Support
  • Aging-Elderly Support
  • Social Service 

  • Wellness

  • Home Health - Coming Soon

  • Mental Health Support
  • Private Shuttle Transportation

Strategic Career Planning


  • Understand 21st Century Workplace
  • Networking
  • Manage Job Search
  • Assists in Identifying Dream Job
  • Helps Determine Career Goals
  • Assists in Defining and Defining and Marketing Individual’s Personal Brand
  • Self-Marketing



  • Promotes Happiness and Fulfillment
  • Integrates Mental, Physical, and Holistic Approaches to Promote Health
  • Increase Productivity and Engagement

Community-Based Service Projects


  • Fosters Citizenship
  • Encourages Cooperation Between Neighborhoods
  • Solves Problems/Issues Impacting Communities

7 Days a Week Help-Desk Line

7:00 AM – 12:00 AM

(833) 522-9622

*Holiday Hours: 7AM-7PM

Service Areas

Illinois and Indiana

Inquiry Form

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